Listen to music together!

An app that let Spotify users listen to the same music.

ActivityPub actor importer from centralized non-ActivityPub social networks to ActivityPub capable ones

Easy self-hosted, ActivityPub, Markdown, PHP, NoSQL, fully customisable blog engine for noob web devs and others!

Because I like Mastodon.

A bunch of cool tools to help the decentralized social network to grow.

First Instructables, IOT project.

The goal of this project is to make a door sign (to say if people can enter or not) but connected to Wifi (and controlled via a webpage).

[WIP] For the moment, the wifi connection does not work but I design the display and control it via a simple button.

It uses a ePaper display to consume less energy and to display all the time the info.

Open source hackable Twitter client for everyone.

I want to make a simple to use/customizable Twitter client for everyone who know the basics of HTML and CSS.

Personnal assistant ? Maybe. Cool Twitter bot ? Sure.

The idea of this project was to discover NodeJs and the Twitter API. It was fun coding a chat bot during holidays!

Wordpress site about the modular smartphone Project Ara.

Originally this website was a good excuse to discover the Wordpress CMS. I made the theme and write articles. Now Project Ara was stopped by Google, but this website was a cool experiment and a way to meet people. :)