This one is a "fan made". :)

With only one screen from a Watch Dogs 2 game trailer, I recreate the Nudle (Google in the game paradigm) website. Really fun challenge, noticed by Ubisoft on Reddit.

Also known as hacked.watch/dogs...

This project was made at the same time as the release of the game Watch Dogs 2. The goal was to use the design kits of the game, published by Ubisoft. Also, I explore for the first time VR on  the web.

For fun and for the Festival MMI contest, I made this website, about the word digital and its use in french.

I participated in a competition in web design. In 15 hours, without internet, I made this.

Wordpress site about the modular smartphone Project Ara.

Originally this website was a good excuse to discover the Wordpress CMS. I made the theme and write articles. Now Project Ara was stopped by Google, but this website was a cool experiment and a way to meet people. :)

My website (in fench).

My personnal and first website ever created (in french). That's where I experienced the most in my beginnings.

When a minified me is cooler than me.

Fan of domain name, I created Dav.Li, from my name David Libeau, and I get a cool place to build a link shortener and other cool things!